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Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Google Earth Silent Tour Example: Agde to the Sea

One of the very nicest features of Google Earth is its capability of creating narrated tours.It is now possible to view a Google Tour in a browser window. Hence you can achieve some of the effect of a Google Tour without having to use Google Earth. So far so good.

However, because of the intensity of CPU needs, download time and other factors, a Google Tour loading in the browser window tends to tie up things. So I'm using a work-a-round to prevent this.

Click here to go to a secondary blog. Play the tour there. Then there won't be loading problems in this blog. Simple, right?

The tour is a flyover of a canal in Agde, France, the farthest east city we will visit. It takes us from the old city to the Mediterranean Sea and back.

I plan to make available some narrated tours of possibilities along the Canal du Midi soon.

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