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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Our Google Earth Placemarks - Where Are They?

Google Earth is where you can find our day-by-day progress on a map. In fact, a continuous map which shows bike excursions, hotels, restaurants, historical points and a lot more. Google Earth shows more than can be shown on this Blog or on Google Maps. But how to get there?

No problem. You can always launch Google Earth and fly to Castlenaudry or Carcassonne or any of the villages we will be visiting. But you won't see our Placemarks unless you have already saved them.

So how do you find them? Click below to download our Google Earth Placemarks.


When you click (or double-click) a bundle of these placemarks are downloaded to your computer. Make a note of where they are. If you have a choice, save this file on your desktop. Double-clicking on this file will typically launch Google Earth with our placemarks. Now you can see where we are going and can examine our trip in detail. Before you leave Google Earth make sure to "save" the placemarks (which are located in "Temporary Places") to "My Places".

If you forget to do this, no problem. The next time you launch Google Earth, just "open" that file you saved on your desktop. It will be named something like "CanalNow.kmz".

That's all there is to it. Now you can see what we are doing on our Canal du Midi trip in Google Earth.