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Saturday, May 30, 2015

What To Expect on This Site

This Blog was done in support of the CSBG's Canal du Midi trip in October of 2014. It is, of course, history now, but it includes pictures, maps, and information that may be of interest to someone who is planning a similar trip, or is interested in pictures and videos of people on this trip.

To navigate this site, note that the postings are from earliest to latest. The index is on the right hand side and can be explanded. The earliest posting is in the fall on 2013. The current "latest" is this one.

The pictures from members of the group can be accessed from the more recent postings. There are individual pictures and also links to Flickr and other provider albums.

There are a variety of maps showing our route and some "excursion" rides. These are links to Google Maps. Also, some *.kmz files are included so that routes could be "flown" on Google Earth. This is an effort to move to "turn by turn" gpx files that can be used on smartphones or GPS units. Google Maps and Google Earth are ways to visualize these routes. It is only partially successful due to varying user CPU power, user expertise, download speed, glitches, and so on, but may be of interest to cyclist technophiles.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Tracey-on-the-spot: The Movie

The following link is a playlist in YouTube which shows Tracey's reports in sequence. Be ready for about eight minutes of reporting!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bringing It All Together

Joan Presecan proposed making a book of the trip and I think that's an excellent idea and I will help. Blurb publishes quite high quality books at reasonable prices. There are other excellent publishers as well. We of course will want to talk about this.

We still need more informal pictures of our Crew. Tracey has started a video of our descent down the Fonsrannes Staircase, so we are not quite ready yet, but we can be soon.

(You may ask whether the book can include video and in a real way it can. You upload the video to YouTube and then create a Scanlife barcode link to it in the book. You scan the barcode with your iPad, and - Bingo! - you are watching the video.)

Flickr Accounts and this Blog

Everyone took a lot of pictures on the trip. What's the best way to share them? One way is to email the actual pictures to each other or put them on a DVD.  But that uses up resources, is slow - for starters.

Another way is for each person to store one or more pictures online, then share the link. That's quite efficient. Many applications enable you to do this. PicasaWeb is good, so is Facebook. But IMHO Flickr is currently the best.

I proposed that each Canal Trip Member create his or her own account on Flickr and then share links to their photostream or albums. Five members have already done this. Melinda, Dave, Lark Dorothy,Tracey,John Sorcinelli and Larry Olson.  Others are in the process or doing so. Here they are:

As I receive these links, I'll update this page. Then everybody can see everybody else's pictures without having to physically transfer them (except to Flickr or course).


My Flickr Gallery
Flickr makes it possible to store favorite other Flickr members' pictures in a "Gallery".  So if you are on Flicker, I can put your photos here. The Gallery will update automatically as pictures are added. All you need to do is get me the link to your photostream. Don't miss this additional Gallery - I ran out of space in the first one!

Informal Person Pics

Person Pics
Here is where everyone can contribute. We need informal pictures from along along the Canal of our mates. I can arrange to put them in this album or link to them.

Excursion - Minerve

An incredible 14th C. city where the Cathars were burned for what was then taken as a heresy. We took a van to Minerve from Homps. Some on the other boat bicycled there with no problem. Take a look at the original cycle route.