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Saturday, May 30, 2015

What To Expect on This Site

This Blog was done in support of the CSBG's Canal du Midi trip in October of 2014. It is, of course, history now, but it includes pictures, maps, and information that may be of interest to someone who is planning a similar trip, or is interested in pictures and videos of people on this trip.

To navigate this site, note that the postings are from earliest to latest. The index is on the right hand side and can be explanded. The earliest posting is in the fall on 2013. The current "latest" is this one.

The pictures from members of the group can be accessed from the more recent postings. There are individual pictures and also links to Flickr and other provider albums.

There are a variety of maps showing our route and some "excursion" rides. These are links to Google Maps. Also, some *.kmz files are included so that routes could be "flown" on Google Earth. This is an effort to move to "turn by turn" gpx files that can be used on smartphones or GPS units. Google Maps and Google Earth are ways to visualize these routes. It is only partially successful due to varying user CPU power, user expertise, download speed, glitches, and so on, but may be of interest to cyclist technophiles.