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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Flickr Accounts and this Blog

Everyone took a lot of pictures on the trip. What's the best way to share them? One way is to email the actual pictures to each other or put them on a DVD.  But that uses up resources, is slow - for starters.

Another way is for each person to store one or more pictures online, then share the link. That's quite efficient. Many applications enable you to do this. PicasaWeb is good, so is Facebook. But IMHO Flickr is currently the best.

I proposed that each Canal Trip Member create his or her own account on Flickr and then share links to their photostream or albums. Five members have already done this. Melinda, Dave, Lark Dorothy,Tracey,John Sorcinelli and Larry Olson.  Others are in the process or doing so. Here they are:

As I receive these links, I'll update this page. Then everybody can see everybody else's pictures without having to physically transfer them (except to Flickr or course).

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