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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bringing It All Together

Joan Presecan proposed making a book of the trip and I think that's an excellent idea and I will help. Blurb publishes quite high quality books at reasonable prices. There are other excellent publishers as well. We of course will want to talk about this.

We still need more informal pictures of our Crew. Tracey has started a video of our descent down the Fonsrannes Staircase, so we are not quite ready yet, but we can be soon.

(You may ask whether the book can include video and in a real way it can. You upload the video to YouTube and then create a Scanlife barcode link to it in the book. You scan the barcode with your iPad, and - Bingo! - you are watching the video.)

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  1. Jim, you are doung an amazing job with all if this. Thank you!!!